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We offer fair risk-based pricing through our dynamic pricing structure. Your price is as unique as you are. Costs and terms for each contract are built upon the individual applicant’s’ unique needs, habits and history.

Calculate terms and monthly payment

Use the form below to see lease terms and payments.


Your monthly payment will be between $0.00 and $0.00. The finance period will be 0 months.

Early Buyout Options

Early buyout is available at anytime during the course of your lease. Payoff amounts with associated savings at 1, 3, 6, and 9 months are shown below.*

MonthsEarly Buyout PaymentSavings
1$0.00Apply to see Savings!
3$0.00Apply to see Savings!
6$0.00Apply to see Savings!
9$0.00Apply to see Savings!

* Early buyout amount above is an estimate and assumes customer is currently making monthly payments.

This transaction is a lease, not a loan or rent-to-own transaction

The total amount due at lease signing or delivery is the amount of your monthly payment and may vary depending on state or local taxes.

The number of monthly payments equals the number of months chosen in the finance period above.

Depending on your credit profile, a security deposit may or may not be required.


Monthly payments equal the sum of two components: (1) the monthly rental fee plus (2) the monthly depreciation of the leased product’s value.

The monthly rental fee is a predetermined rental amount the leasing company charges a customer in exchange for the customer’s right to possess and use the product, just like a car lease. The monthly rental fee calculated based upon a customer’s risk of default. See the Dynamic Pricing section below for additional details.

The monthly depreciation fee is the amount of value the product has lost during the month that it is being used by the customer. Again, think of the used car example. As a customer drives the car around for a month, miles are added to the car and it loses value. The customer pays the company that loss in value as part of the lease agreement. Our lease product is no different.

There is no principal or interest

There is no principal amount or interest. Principal and interest are terms of loans and credit cards. This is a lease. This is not a loan.

Dynamic pricing (i.e. Risk-based pricing)

Our risk-based pricing is similar to risk-based interest rates common among loans and credit cards. We price our customers based upon the risk that the particular customer may default. If the customer is a low risk for default, that customer will receive cheaper terms. If the customer has a higher risk for default, that customer will receive more expensive terms. We use this pricing to calculate the monthly rental fee in each customer’s lease.

A lease is different than a loan

When you purchase a product with a loan, you own the product. When you lease a product, you don’t own the product. You are paying the owner for the right to possess and use that product each month.

With a lease, monthly payments are fixed and generally lower than a loan with similar terms. However, the overall price you pay in a lease is generally more than the overall price for a loan with similar terms.