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Take home what you want. We are here to serve. Our lease program offers flexible financing options so you can budget that new appliance or new couch! Bristlecone Lending’s price structure is unique to you.


A lease is another tool to finance something you want or need. A LEASE IS NOT A LOAN and our program is NOT a credit card. A lease with flexible purchase options has fixed monthly payments but customers can buyout early at any time to save.

Customers agree to make monthly lease payments for 12 months or buyout early. During the period the customer is making monthly lease payments, the customer is not the owner of the property. We own the property and lease it to the customer.


Yes. A customer can become the owner of the product in either of the following two ways.

At any time, a customer can purchase the product and become the owner through the Early Buyout Option. The Early Buyout Amount decreases each month the customer makes on-time payments. The sooner a customer chooses to buy out, the more money that customer will save over the life of the lease. See our costs and terms calculator to see how much it would cost you to buyout today!

A customer who does not choose the Early Buyout Option can purchase the product and become the owner by paying the purchase price after the final monthly lease payment. The purchase price is equal to the fair market value of the product at the end of the lease.

Bristlecone Lending makes purchasing possible for those who do not have enough cash or credit on-hand to make the large purchase. Bristlecone Lending is an alternative financing option which may appeal to people unable to qualify for traditional lending, or to individuals interested in building their credit by way of making routine, on-time monthly payments for a pre-planned purchase.


We empower qualifying customers to access something they want and love when other financing options are not available. We have one of the highest approval rates in the industry. How? Our innovative underwriting makes risk-based pricing easier and more accurate than traditional credit scoring systems.


We get that you are more than your credit score. Millions of Americans don’t even have a credit history. For the rest of us, sometimes… stuff happens. So, we look at the whole picture. Our personalized underwriting considers hundreds of data points to better understand who you are, and more importantly who you aren’t. Our system is always getting smarter, better understanding your unique ability to pay.


Your price is as unique as you are. Costs and terms for each contract are built upon each individual applicant’s unique needs, habits and history.


Bristlecone Lending offers customers the ability to buyout at any time by purchasing the product from us. There are no penalties or extra fees to customers for the Early Buyout Option. Find out your buyout amount today!


We report to the credit bureaus every month. Make each monthly payment on time and Bristlecone Lending will report that you are paying on time to the credit bureaus!


Our carefully crafted lease with flexible purchase options helps you enjoy the things you need when you are ready. We only work with trusted retailers. Our team is ready to answer questions on our leasing program before you sign a contract.

STEP 4: Sign the lease purchase agreement and make your first low, fixed monthly payment in store or on delivery of the product.

STEP 5: Take home your Merchandise! Low, fixed monthly payments will be made to Bristlecone Lending for the next 11 months.

Monthly payments: Our terms are 12 months for all lease purchase agreements with the option to buyout at anytime! That’s right, you can buyout at anytime during your contract term.