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(Originally published at Furniture World)

Bristlecone Lending, a Bristlecone Holdings company, reported that it has entered the furniture market this quarter with a no-fee, easy-to-access system. The system promises to expand the lending options that home goods retailers can provide to customers.

“We think a quicker application process will retain more customers and lead to overall higher sales for our retail partners,” said Dusty Wunderlich, Bristlecone Holdings CEO. “This technology is so simple, and it’s just not offered in this space yet. We’re excited to leverage our leading technology to propel the furniture lending market forward.”

By using tablet-based kiosks inside the stores and a less-than five-minute approval process for consumers, Bristlecone’s flexible leasing structure aims to increase access for customers. Thanks to Bristlecone’s innovative underwriting and funding model, customers who cannot access traditional financing get a second chance or an opportunity to rebuild their credit.

A customized website builder provides select retail partners with the option to jump into the online space, increase their web presence and convert web traffic into in-store sales. Under the Bristlecone system, retailers see the payout from sales quicker than through traditional models, with funding in just one-to-three days.

“We see the retailers who use our platform as partners,” said Wunderlich. “If we can help improve their bottom line while giving customers previously-unavailable options, everybody goes home happy.”

New to the furniture market, stores in all fifty states have been quickly adopting Bristlecone’s lending tool.

About Bristlecone Holdings: Bristlecone Holdings is a special-purpose entity which acquires, develops and manages innovative financial services, e-commerce business models and intellectual property. Our goal is to deliver effective financial services and modern solutions to the marketplace. Bristlecone Holdings launched Bristlecone Lending, WAGS Lending, I Do Lending and Double Bar Lending in 2014. These four are the first of many carefully designed companies in multiple industries. We outline an aggressive pipeline to enter new industries in coming quarters. Visit www.bristleconeholdings.com for more information.

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