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We built a service to empower families to be able to take home the stuff they want and need.

Launched in Reno, Nevada in May 2014, Bristlecone Lending is here to make your house feel like home. We understand many families are credit-challenged and that building a life is expensive. Place matters. Our surroundings make all the difference. Furnishing that space can feel out of reach. Our carefully crafted lease with flexible purchase options helps you build the home that you love today without compromising on quality. We stand by our trusted retailers. Our team is ready to answer your questions before you get started.

Bristlecone Lending is a financial technology start up that was borne from consumer finance frustration and technological innovation. Bristlecone develops software to lend directly to consumers and small businesses, and pioneers new lending models through wide data sets, molded to individual industries typically overlooked by traditional sources of financing. Bristlecone’s goal is to deliver effective financial services and modern solutions to the marketplace through responsibly designed financial products for customers and retailers. Bristlecone Lending lives by three core values:

Innovate. We relentlessly challenge outdated systems with creative solutions for customers and retailers.
Empower. We help customers realize their dreams. We support retailers with tailored services.
Serve. We put customers first. We commit to our employees, our communities, our customers, and our retailers to go beyond the call of duty. We want to hear from you. We want to make things right.